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Message Template received by the end-user does not have the expected font
Answer ID 10545   |   Last Review Date 05/31/2019

Why are Message Templates received by the end-user not displaying the expected font?


Message Templates, Emails, Incident Outbound
Oracle B2C Service


A Message Template is configured to use a specific font. When the Message Template email arrives in the end-user’s mail client, the end-user sees a different font. For example, the Message Templates received by the end-user is showing up as Times New Roman instead of the configured font, Calibri.


There is only a small number of email clients that support custom fonts. Based on this, it is often recommended to use email safe fonts. Some email safe fonts are Arial, Times New Roman, Tahoma, Helvetica, Courier, etc. A more inclusive list can be found online by searching for email safe fonts.

If a custom font is used, keep in mind that the chosen font may not be displayed as expected on various email clients. If the font is not supported, then the text will show up using the default font of the email client.

We recommend testing the look of the Message Templates from a test site. This can be done by sending a proof of the Message Template, if possible, to email addresses that can be viewed from different mail clients.

To send a proof, edit the Message Template, and from the ribbon select Proof. From here you can enter a To, Cc, or Bcc address, you can add files, and you can add a comment before sending.