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Cannot save incident with pasted inline image
Answer ID 10541   |   Last Review Date 05/05/2020

Why do I receive a network error when saving an incident with a pasted inline image in the incident thread?


Incident Thread Images, Inline Images, File Attachments, Image compression
Oracle B2C Service, All product versions


When an image is copied and pasted in an incident thread the following network error is received:

Unable to Communicate with Server
A network error was detected. Check your network connection and verify that you can connect to other sites on the internet.

  • The request failed with HTTP status 408: Request Timeout.

You may attempt to resubmit the request afte the problem is resolved, or you may cancel the operation. Canceling may result in the loss of any changes you've made.

Illustration of error outlined above

Followed by the error:

A server communication error has occurred.
The request failed with HTTP status 408: Request Timeout.

illustration of error outlined above

Please Note: In some cases the server will display "An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host" in lieu of "The request failed with HTTP status 408: Request Timeout."


When this issue arises it is recommended that you try one of the following ways to get the image attached to the incident:

  1. Attach the image as a file attachment. In extreme cases where the image is very large and very uniform in color, this might still throw the exception.
  2. Paste the image into another format such as a word document that can be attached to the incident.
  3. Zip the file on the agent's machine and then have the image attached.
  4. Modify the image to include slightly more variation in color. This might be as simple as reducing the size of the image if the image contains blank space. 
  5. Use the Agent Browser UI (BUI) to paste the inline images. As long as the image is less than 1MB in size, the image can be pasted in the incident thread in BUI.

Using any one of the solutions above should allow your agents to get the image attached and saved to the incident when the issue arises.


A likely cause of this network error when attempting to save an incident is due to the pasting of inline images into the thread. The cause may be that the image(s) being pasted is solid in color or does not have enough variation in color. Data that is sent to the Service Cloud servers are compressed to improve network performance and storage space. Mostly solid colored images have a very high amount of repeating text that describe the image. So when any image or screenshot is pasted into a thread where this file is compressed to less than 0.5% of its original size, it will be rejected by the Service Cloud server. If you send data that compresses to less than 0.5% of its original size, the server will reject the request as a possible zip bomb attack and close the network socket as a security measure. This is a hard limit set for security purposes that cannot be changed. The closing of this network socket is the cause for the network error seen in the console.