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Access to Data Lifecycle Policies
Answer ID 10539   |   Last Review Date 03/08/2020

Why do I not see Data Lifecycle Policies in my menu on the Browser UI? 


Data Lifecycle Policy, Purging and Archiving incidents

Browser User Interface (BUI), Oracle B2C Service 


In order to see Data Lifecycle Policies (DLP) in your configuration menu, there are a few things you'll need to setup as well as further specifics for those with Customize Navigation Sets selected on their profile. 

Below are quick reference steps. More information is available in the Creating custom object Data Lifecycle Policies section of online documentation.  

  1. Your Oracle B2C Service administrator must perform these tasks for all profiles that will work with data lifecycle policies:
    1. Add the Data Lifecycle Policies component to the navigation set used by your profile. (Creating and customizing navigation sets). The DLP component is found under Components > Common.
    2. Select the Bulk Delete check box in the Administration permissions of your profile.

  2. If your profile is setup to use "Customize Navigation Sets",  you'll want to add the component to your customizable navigation set. There are two options for this
    1. Option 1: 
      1. See Updates to navigation sets do not take effect for how to reset your Customized Navigation set to the default settings currently set for your profile's navigation set. 
    2. Option 2:
      1. From the Navigation panel on the console, click the Customize List icon (gear icon) and expand Components -> Common and add Data Lifecycle Policies. 
      2. Log back into BUI and expand Menu -> Navigation to the location you placed the DLP component to open DLP. 

  3. However, if your profile is not setup to use "Customize Navigation Sets", you should see the DLP component after logging back into BUI and expanding Menu -> Navigation to the location you placed the DLP component.