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Knowledge Advanced Image Upload Limitations and Slowness (CKFinder)
Answer ID 10518   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

What are the CKFinder limitations and what causes slowness?


Knowledge Advanced (all versions), CKFinder


When creating articles with images in the authoring interface, there is an image button in the field icons on rich text fields. This image button will allow you to store and retrieve reusable images.  The browse server button will open up the CKFinder interface.


There is no setting specifically for CKFinder file size limit.  There is a limitation of 150MB (including request parameters and file) on the Apache server at the product level, And this can't be changed.  Loading very large images will slow down article loading for end users so you want to use images that are only as large as necessary.
There is no limit to the number of images that can be saved to CKFinder.
CKFinder generates thumbnails for images in real-time when it’s initially opened and each time you navigate to a different folder. For this reason, if more than 100 images are stored in a folder, that folder will load slowly. If there are many more than 100 images, the CKFinder may even seem to freeze or hang.

To avoid this issue, avoid storing more than 100 images in any single folder in CKFinder.