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The incident workspace is showing a value in the mailbox field prior to one being selected
Answer ID 10505   |   Last Review Date 12/04/2018

Why does the incident workspace show a value in the mailbox field before I've made a selection, on the standard incident workspace?


Mailboxes / Incidents - Oracle B2C Service (OSvC)


By default, the incidents.mailbox_id uses the mailbox designated as the default mailbox under Configuration Settings > Mailboxes. When configuring your mailboxes, you would have selected one as the default by selecting the checkbox next to default on the mailboxes editor. This User Guide link provides the specifics: Designating a Default Mailbox

On the standard incident workspace, the details tab includes a mailbox field associated to the incidents.mailbox_id field. This is populated with the default mailbox when an incident is created. 

For example, say you have chosen "mailbox A" as you default mailbox, then the standard incident workspace will show that name for the mailbox field when creating a new incident. However, if your site is using business rules, workspace rules, or other configuration to modify this setting, it may be different.  

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