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"Unexpected end of file has occurred." while exporting a report
Answer ID 10485   |   Last Review Date 01/14/2019

Why am I seeing an "Unexpected end of file has occurred." error when trying to export my report?




When you see an error stating "Unexpected end of file has occurred.", this typically will point to an issue with the size of the export you are trying to generate. If something is too big, the XML will not complete properly resulting in the error seen. Follow these steps to see if your export it too large to export.

  1.  Break the report into smaller pieces
    1. If the report is multiple pages, try and export only the current page. This is done after you have selected the type of file you to export. The window that appears after you select the file type should have a section labeled "Data Set". If you are able to export the current page but not all of the data (Limited to 100,000 rows), this is a good indicator that your report is too big.
    2. If you are using custom objects in the report, make a copy of the report and remove some of the columns that include custom objects. Try and export the report at this time. If you are able to export the report after removing some of the columns this could be an indicator that the report is too large to export.
    3. If you have a date filter, simply try and reduce the time frame being used in the report. If changing this prevent the error from appearing, this could also indicate that the report is too large for export.
  2. Review site configuration settings
    1. VRL_HARD
      1. This configuration setting should be kept at the default of 10,000 unless needed for a temporary offline extract. 
      2. If this setting is not set to the default, it will degrade the performance for your entire site and can prevent a more graceful error to appear if a export size limitation is met.
      1. This limits the data set size in analytics. This setting can be altered, but altering can lead to unhelpful errors.
      2. If this setting is set to or near the maximum value of 2GB, you are essentially making the data sets unbounded and they can hit hard limits causing this error.

Final Thoughts:

If after working through the steps above and you suspect that the report is too big, the easiest and recommended solution is to queue the report and then export. Another possible solution is to page the report and simply export each page one at a time. If you are still unable to export the report, please feel free to submit a service request with us and we will gladly assist you.