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File Attachment URL explained
Answer ID 10448   |   Last Review Date 11/14/2018

What do the parameters from File Attachment URL mean?

Oracle B2C Service Customer Portal Framework 3.3 and newer
File attachments will be displayed as part of answers/incidents if one or more files are associated to a record.
Attachments will be displayed on Customer Portal if the below widget is present on your pages: 

<div id="rn_FileAttach">
    <rn:widget path="output/DataDisplay" name="Answer.FileAttachments" label="#rn:msg:ATTACHMENTS_LBL#" />

The standard URL output for the File Attachment URLs would be the following:
  • 123456: Represents the file object ID for the attachment; that can be viewed in the table "fattach", table that can be accessed from the Console's Configuration > Database  > Data Dictionary to view its logic.
  • 1523530782: Represents the Unix timestamp for when the attachment was created;
  • filename: Represents part of the naming convention;
  • test.png: Represents the actual file
Please note that in order for a File Attachment URL to be accessed/downloaded, a contact will need to be logged into Customer Portal.