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How to check current PHP/YUI versions via Cyberduck
Answer ID 10446   |   Last Review Date 01/13/2019

How do I check current PHP and YUI version via Cyberduck?


Oracle B2C Service Customer Portal Framework 3.3 and newer
The information resides in a manifest metadata type file and can be accessed from the following path:
Sample manifest content:
        version: 3.18.1
        location: /rnt/rnw/yui_3.18/
        version: 5.6
        location: /php

This information is also available at:  https://<yoursite>
Please note the "core" directory cannot be edited as it is write protected and you will only be able to download or view files under the "core" folder, including the manifest file. All edit attempts to any "core" files and directories will fail, as this is the intended behavior.
For more information about what files and directories have read/write access please review