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Intelligent Advisor drop-down not returning entire list of options when using Javascript interview extensions
Answer ID 10425   |   Last Review Date 12/13/2019

Why is my Intelligent Advisor interview drop-down not displaying the entire list of options?


Intelligent Advisor 18B, 18C


My Intelligent Advisor interview drop-down does not display the entire list of options unless I search for a specific term i.e. using the "searching-combo" control type.


The Interview Extensions in Intelligent Advisor allow for the customization of web interviews using the Javascript API.

When providing options for an input control such as a drop-down section in the interview, there are several control types one can use: "Dropdown", "searching-combo", "text-button-group" and "Radiobutton".

The "searching-combo" allows for the displaying of a limited number of options in the drop-down, returning the rest of the options when a term search is performed.

In order to display the entire list of options in the drop-down from the very beginning, one must make sure to use the "Dropwdown" control type, taking into account that does not allow a search to be performed in the drop-down bar.

For more information on the control types one can use for web interview drop-downs, refer to Interview Extensions Reference.