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Unable to import report definition, "The selected Report Definition File is not a valid file..."
Answer ID 10424   |   Last Review Date 10/28/2018

Why I am getting error while trying to import report?


Analytics, Oracle B2C Service, all versions


An error may be displayed during a report import. 

"The selected Report Definition File is not a valid file exported by the Report Designer Export function, or the exported file has been modified."


This can have various causes, but the most common cause is a customized Regional and Language Settings of your workstation or PC.

Those are in:  Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region > Region > Formats > Additional settings...

If for example you're in US region and changed "Decimal symbol" from dot to comma you'll see the error during the import because workstation will not be able to read XML file correctly. Solution will be to Reset to restore the system default settings for numbers, currency, time, and date. Corresponding button (Reset) can be found at the bottom of the same window.

Another possibility is that file was modified/edited after the export. At the bottom of each exported XML definition file is a hash signature which is a calculated hash of the exported document's content.

Document's content hash being re-calculated during the import and if it doesn't match the hash declared at the end of the file, you will see the "Report Definition File is not a valid file" error.

Additionally, error can be returned if exported file was generated by the product version that is older than the product version where you importing the file.