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Why does the workspace tabset display differently after our update?
Answer ID 10422   |   Last Review Date 06/16/2019

Why do some workspaces have tabsets that do not fill to the bottom of the page after our update?


Oracle B2C Service, Workspace
All sites August 2018 (18C) and newer


There was an issue that caused workspace containers like report controls and tabsets to not honor the rowspan properly.  This caused the visual display of the tabset to look correct and fill to the bottom of the container even though the tabset was spanning some of the rows but not all of them..  Once the product was corrected, the tabset container will honor the rowspan setting for all container types. As a result of this correction, the tabset may not fill to the bottom as it did in the previous version.

This can be manually corrected by editing the affected workspaces and increasing the rowspan. The general steps are listed below:

  1. Edit the workspace affected by the tabset not displaying to the bottom of the container 
  2. Click anywhere in the workspace to bring focus to objects that are present
  3. Go to the Design tab in the ribbon
  4. Go to the selection drop-down menu (top left side of ribbon) and click the down arrow to display the tree view of the objects in the workspace (under the File menu option in the ribbon)
  5. Select the tabset object (expand the items by clicking the + symbol) NOTE: you will want to change each tabset if there are more than one)
  6. Select the table cell option in the ribbon
  7. Select increase row span until the container fills the space that you desire
  8. Save the workspace

 Once the workspace is saved, the tabset will display correctly after subsequent updates.