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Collection Setup Details - Number of Documents vs Number of Published Documents
Answer ID 10409   |   Last Review Date 07/24/2019

Why is the Number of Published Documents greater than the Number of Documents for a Collection?


Oracle B2C Service Knowledge Advanced


Knowledge Advanced considers attachments of published documents to be documents and adds that number to the Number of Published Documents. This can increase the count for the Number of Published Documents and cause that count to be greater than the Number of Documents.  This Number of Published Documents include the translation and file attachments for translations separately, so the same attachment gets counted along with each translation. 

For example: There are 3 documents in English, one translated to Spanish, an attachment to 2 documents in English and an attachment to the one Spanish document.

This will show the Number of Documents as 4 and the Number of Published Documents as 7, including the 3 attachments.


For further information on Collection Setup and details about collections, see Knowledge Advanced Viewing Collection Information.