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Change AUP preferences
Answer ID 10406   |   Last Review Date 11/18/2018

How do I change my site's Auto Update Program preferences?


Oracle B2C Service Updates


I need to change my site's Auto Update Program (AUP) preferences.


For AUP enrolled sites, preferences may be changed from their default values, to better align a site's update activities to the business.  To do so, you may open a new service request detailing what you would like preferences changed to and it will be routed to the Technical Migration Manager's queue.

By default, upon initial enrollment into the AUP program, your site will be set to consume every quarterly product release, each quarterly cycle will begin somewhere between 30-90 (randomly generated) days after the release becomes Generally Available (GA), User Acceptance Testing (UAT) will be set for a default 14 days and your production cutover Utility Delay will be set for 1 hour.  You may also request that the AUP process wait until after the first Maintenance Pack is released for the quarterly release the AUP cycle is targeting before beginning the process.  

Each of these preferences may be adjusted by the customer to align with their business needs.  Simply submit a new service request with the updates required.


Auto Update Program Preferences

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