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OKCS reports on most useful articles missing data
Answer ID 10392   |   Last Review Date 09/21/2018

Why are my OKCS "Most Useful Articles" and "Least Useful Articles" reports not showing any data?


All Oracle Knowledge Advanced Cloud (OKA) releases prior to May 2017


With the May 2017 release for Oracle Knowledge Advanced Cloud (OKA), a new set of reports has been introduced to provide further enhancements to the analytics and reporting functionality on the OKA application.

This new set of reports are "Most Useful Articles" and "Least Useful Articles", providing information on the feedback that the end-users send on the OKA articles they had accessed and viewed.
The query running in the back end for these reports is the one below:
SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS okcs_answers.summary col1, SUM(okcs_answer_stats.clickthru_cnt) + SUM(okcs_answer_stats.content_view_cnt) col2, SUM(okcs_answer_stats.caselink_cnt) col3, ROUND(CASE WHEN SUM(okcs_answer_stats.clickthru_cnt) > 0 THEN (SUM(okcs_answer_stats.clickthru_cnt) / SUM(okcs_answer_stats.answer_cnt)) ELSE 0 END, 9) col4, ROUND((SUM(kf_answer_stats.rated_1) + SUM(kf_answer_stats.rated_2) + SUM(kf_answer_stats.rated_3) + SUM(kf_answer_stats.rated_4) + SUM(kf_answer_stats.rated_5)) / COUNT(kf_answer_stats.a_id), 9) col5, ROUND((UNIX_TIMESTAMP(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) - UNIX_TIMESTAMP(okcs_answers.publish_on)) / 86400, 9) col6 FROM okcs_answer_stats okcs_answer_stats JOIN okcs_answers okcs_answers ON okcs_answer_stats.a_id = okcs_answers.a_id LEFT JOIN kf_answer_stats kf_answer_stats ON ((kf_answer_stats.window = 1 AND kf_answer_stats.stat_date = okcs_answer_stats.stat_date) AND okcs_answers.a_id = kf_answer_stats.a_id) WHERE ( IN (1) AND (okcs_answer_stats.window = 1 AND (okcs_answer_stats.interface_id IN (1) AND okcs_answer_stats.stat_date >= '2017-08-01 00:00:00' AND okcs_answer_stats.stat_date < '2018-03-31 00:00:00'))) GROUP BY col1, col6 ORDER BY col2 DESC LIMIT 10000

Customers who are using an OKA release older than the May 2017 version will find that the database does not store any information prior to this date regarding the rating of articles as most/least useful.

So it is expected for these two reports to not show any data prior to April 2018, when the new set of reporting options became available.