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No result is displayed when using inline search for a related item on a custom workspace in BUI
Answer ID 10327   |   Last Review Date 10/08/2020

How do we configure inline search for related items on a custom workspace, in BUI?


Analytics, Browser User Interface (BUI), Custom Workspaces
Oracle B2C Service


No result is displayed when using inline search for a related item on a custom workspace in BUI.


On a custom workspace used in the Browser User Interface (BUI), you can define the report used for inline search for a related item. For example, the Contact field on a custom incident workspace uses a contact report for searching. The user can enter all or part of the search criteria in the Contact field and press Enter to return a list of results. 

Search results for a standard object, such as incident, contact, organization, answer, opportunity, or task, are filtered using the first docked filter in the object’s search report. When configuring a report to search for a custom object, the result is instead filtered using the report’s last docked filter. Therefore, in order to be able to retrieve the expected results, when configuring the report, make sure to use docked filters. For all record types, the docked filter used for the inline search must have a Like operator or a Complex Expression operator.

Specific output columns must be defined in the report used for related item searches. The required columns differ depending on the type of object the report searches for. Reports configured to search for the following object types must include the columns listed with them.

  • Contact - First Name and Last Name (if first name is removed, it will show the first column value in the report)

  • Answer - Answer ID and Answer Phrase

  • Incident - Reference number

  • Organization - Organization name

  • Opportunity - Opportunity name

  • Custom Object - If you create a new report to search for custom objects, the report must include the custom object’s ID field. In addition, the column containing the data you want to search for must be the last column defined in the report (excluding the Actions column that is added automatically when you enable record command links in your report).

The following procedure describes how to add a contact report to a custom incident workspace. However, the procedure is the same for all other related records for a custom workspace:

  1. From a custom incident workspace, click the Contact field.
  2. Click Search Report on the Design ribbon. 
    The Select Report window opens.
  3. Select the report you want users to perform a contact search from the custom incident workspace.
  4. Click OK.