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Null assgn_acct_id results in a mismatch between workspace & report.
Answer ID 10319   |   Last Review Date 04/03/2019

Why does the Assigned value in a workspace not match the value in a report?


All sites, Reporting, Workspaces.


Incidents' assigned account ID does not match in both your workspace and a report.


In an incident workspace, the Incidents.Assigned field typically shows the value of incidents.assgn_acct_id. However, if incidents.assgn_acct_id is null (has no value), then the workspace will show you the value of incidents.assgn_group_id instead.


You can force a report to match the workspace. To force the report to match the workspace, you will need to replace the column definition incidents.assgn_acct_id with the following:

       IF(incidents.assgn_acct_id IS NULL, incidents.assgn_group_id, incidents.assgn_acct_id)