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Recording answer clickthru events with Knowledge Advanced Search REST API
Answer ID 10316   |   Last Review Date 07/24/2019

Why do my answer views from search results not show up in analytics when using the Knowledge Advanced Search REST API?


Oracle B2C Service Knowledge Advanced


The Knowledge Advanced integration I am building with the Search REST API needs to record clickthru rate for analytics reporting such as Advanced Searches Summary -- Knowledge Advanced Advanced Searches Summary.  The integration performs authentication and session initialization to retrieve an integrationUserToken and session respectively.  The /question endpoint is then used for a search and an answer from the results is viewed, but no event has been recorded in the okcs_stg_clickthru table.


There is an endpoint for the Search REST API that is available for use to populate answer clickthru for results from the /question endpoint, this is the /answer endpoint. There are other endpoints to view answers and this can cause the integration to not fully record details for the session.  Conducting a full session by authenticating, creating a session, asking a question and then recording the answer clickthru will enable your site to correctly track and tune searches.
The full request to the /answer endpoint must contain:
  • Headers
    • accept: application/json
    • content-type: application/json
    • kmauthtoken:{"siteName":"<sitename>","interfaceId":"1","localeId":"en-US","knowledgeInteractionId":"<value for session_ref>","integrationUserToken":"<token>"}
  • Body
    • {"session":"<session from initial endpoint>","transactionId":<integer>,"locale":"en-US","resultLocales":"en-US"}
  • Endpoint: https://<vhost for site><answer from results>&trackClickFlag=true
    • Please note this answer id is the search answer id and not the IM answer id, it is returned in the results from the /question endpoint as the answerId key, not the globalAnswerId key.
For further information on the Search REST API