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Understanding Keyword Search Table Sources
Answer ID 10309   |   Last Review Date 04/23/2019

How do I get results from just end-user standard search on the Keyword Search report?


Oracle B2C Service (OSvC), All Versions


When trying to run the Keyword Search Report (ID 15) I get no results. However, when I select all sources I get results. Why?


If you want to restrict to customer searches, you can restrict it to the Knowledge Foundation (KF) API searches (9, or KF API Search in the search options for report ID 15).


The Keyword search table can have 9 different sources. The 5 most common ones are the following:

1- Search done by customer portal using canned or custom report
2- External doc searching from Customer Portal (CP)
3- Searching answers from incident console
4- Old fashioned browse interface (No longer used)
9- Search done from either CP or raw Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) using the KF API search content API (Stock CP does it this way)

Looking at report ID 15, we can see that there are 9 different sources that we can filter on. By default, the report selects 1: "End-user Standard Search".