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Chat agents can adjust the maximum available chat sessions
Answer ID 10298   |   Last Review Date 10/26/2020

How can I determine if my chat agents have adjusted their maximum available chat sessions?


All currently supported versions of Oracle B2C Service.


When enabled, the chat profile permissions "Set Max Sessions" (Service Cloud version 17C and earlier) and "Set Max Active Chats" (Service Cloud versions 17D and higher), shown in the first image below, allow chat agents to adjust the number of active chats they address from within the Communication Center in their consoles, as seen in the second image below. Please note, this capability applies to agents using the .Net Agent Console and does not apply to agents using the Browser User Interface.

NOTE:  For customers running Service Cloud version 17D and higher, updating the Maximum Active Chats setting in the Communication Center only updates the Max Active Chats setting for that agent only, and not the profile as a wholeMax Total Chats for the agent and profile will not be affected For more information on these two chat profile permissions, see Answer ID 10294: Chat agents receive more chats than they have selected.

To determine if any agents have taken advantage of this option, the chat agent or agents must be logged into chat and in an Available status.  Open a real-time chat report which displays active chat agents, such as Current Chat Agent Statistics (report ID 3036).  This report is also part of the Chat Supervisor Home - Real Time dashboard (report ID 3504).  An agent who has adjusted the Maximum Active Chats setting in the Communication Center will have fewer available sessions in the "# Available Sessions" column than that designated in their profile.  If the agent is actively working chats, the total chat sessions will be the number of available sessions, "# Available Sessions" column, plus the number of active chats, "# Chats" column.

In the example below, both Chat Agent 1 and Chat Agent 2 are assigned to the same profile, which is permitted to address 3 chats, as seen in the image below.

From the Current Chat Agent Statistics report, we can see that Chat Agent 1 has adjusted the Maximum Active Chats to 2, as they have 2 available sessions and no active chats.  Chat Agent 2 has not adjusted the Maximum Active Chats, as they currently have 2 active chats, one of which is in wrap up, plus 1 available session:

To disable the option for agents to change the maximum number of active chats they address, follow the steps provided in Answer ID 5452: Disable the option for agents to change the maximum number of chats in their CX Options.