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Transaction variations when staff update incidents
Answer ID 1029   |   Last Review Date 06/18/2020

What are some statistics on a typical site transaction, i.e. updating an incident?


Incidents, Traceroutes


We are trying to determine what causes the fluctuations in transaction times when updating an incident in the Oracle B2C Service database.


Response times for updates to the knowledge base do vary. The most common cause of these fluctuations is network traffic on the Internet itself.

To get an idea of network traffic, you can use the traceroute utility on your PC. Simply type "tracert". This will provide 3 columns of times; generally, those times over 200 ms indicate network traffic that cause slowed response times. Stars ( * ) in any of the three columns indicate that a "packet" was lost- this generally indicates that the server is having serious problems, and also explains slow response times.

If you do notice response times of over one minute which the tracert does not explain, please submit a service request via Ask Technical Support and indicate that the site is down. Even though technically the site is running, we consider this situation to be site down since performance is so seriously degraded.