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Login window edit statement displayed
Answer ID 10257   |   Last Review Date 11/19/2018

Why is there a statement displayed after I click Login and how can the message be customized?


Oracle B2C Service Login window configuration


The message displayed is a Login Agreement Functionality.  
This allows administrators to present a terms of use agreement, a security statement, or any login message you choose to staff members accessing the agent console.  This messaging is controlled by the LOGIN_SECURITY_MSG configuration setting.
The message will display just after staff members click Login on the Login window. Staff must agree to the messaging prior to the console loading.  Canceling out of the message will result in a failed login.

Path to setting(s): Select Configuration from the navigation area > Site Configuration > Configuration Settings > and search by Key.

For additional information, refer to the Login Agreement Functionality section in the Online Help User Guide documentation for the version your site is currently running. To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.