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Knowledge Advanced Authoring Global Find and Replace usage
Answer ID 10228   |   Last Review Date 09/13/2019

Why does Global Find and Replace not find an article I expect?

Oracle B2C Service Knowledge Advanced

I am trying to replace a phrase, but not all articles are displaying in the results for a Global Find and Replace operation done in Authoring.

The results of Global Find and Replace may differ from expectations for the following use cases:

  • The article is restricted to a user group that the user performing the find is not in.
  • The article has a conditional section not available to the user performing the find.
  • The Replace will not occur for an article that is checked out.
The articles that will be changed can be exported to Excel as needed, but must be done after the Find is completed.  To do this, a user would select the Global Find and Replace 'Replace' option under the Repository tab in Authoring.  After filling out the form and clicking Find, there is a list of articles presented. Select the articles that you wish to have contained in a list and click 'Continue'.  The next screen will show a summary and Options, on right side is the 'Export document list to Excel' to get a list of documents that are to be changed.

Reindexing occurs when an article is saved and this type of indexing is only for Authoring, it does not include search results for the Customer Portal.