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Answer Editor Features
Answer ID 10205   |   Last Review Date 05/29/2019

What options are available in the answer editor?


Answer Editor, Answer Workspace
Oracle B2C Service, 18A and newer


In Oracle B2C Service release February 2018 (18A), the answer editor has been completely changed to be compatible with the Browser User Interface.   All of the features are still available, except a few deprecated ones, but have a different appearance.

The most noticeable change is there is no longer a "Toolbox" on the left side of the editor which contained most of the features.   In the new Answer Editor, the features are all in the ribbon of the "Questions" and "Answer" tab - Not to be confused with the Ribbon of Oracle B2C Service, but that within the Answer Workspace.

All icons have tool tips that explain their use when you hover over them with the mouse.  Here is the new editor ribbon followed by brief descriptions of each icon:

Icons allowing editing and formatting options are available from the Question and Answer sub-tabs.

Editing Options

Beginning from left to right, the editing options include cut, copy pasting, add/remove formatting and undo/redo

 Cut  Ctrl + X
 Copy  Ctrl + C **
 Paste  Ctrl + V **
 Paste as plain text  Ctrl + Shift + V **
 Paste from Word
 Copy Formatting  Ctrl + Shift + C  **Highlight formatted text > click Copy Formatting button > highlight new text to format
 Remove Formatting
** Highlight formatted text > click Remove Formatting button
 Undo   Ctrl + Z  Undo last several edits
 Redo  Ctrl + Y  Redo last several edits

 NOTE**  **Hotkey is now used where using the button is no longer allowed

Next are options to show code blocks, find/replace, highlight text, lists and more

 Show Blocks  Shows <div> and <p> blocks
 Find  Find string within content
 Replace  Find/Replace string within content
 Select All  Selects all text within Question or Answer field
 Insert/Remove Numbered List
 Insert/Remove Bulleted List
 Decrease Indent  Moves text left
 Increase Indent  Moves text to the right
 Block Quote  Indents sections of content
 Create Div Container
 Insert HTML Line Break  Shift + Enter
 Alignment options (four buttons)  Left, Center, Right, Justify
 Source  Changes editor to Source Mode to directly edit code

Full Screen

On the top right of the ribbon is the Full Screen button.  This expands/collapses the editor the full size of the monitor to allow for easier editing.

Text Options

On the second row of the editor ribbon (from the above screen shot), are text formatting options such as Styles, Font sizing and coloring, Bold, Italics and more

 Formatting Styles  Adding styling such as: Marker, Subtitle, Deleted Text, Inline Quotation, etc.
 Paragraph Format  Normal, Heading 1, Heading 2... 6, Address, etc.
 Font Name
 Font Size
 Text Color
 Background Color
 Bold  Ctrl + B
 Italic  Ctrl + I
 Underline  Ctrl + U

Answers Actions

Hyperlink / Unlink

The chain icon for the Hyperlink is the first icon in the seventh section of the Editor Ribbon. 


The icon for adding a link is the first icon on the eighth section of the Editor Ribbon, 


The icon for adding a table is the second icon on the eighth section of the Editor Ribbon 

Horizontal Rule

The icon for adding a horizontal rule is the third icon on the eighth section of the Editor Ribbon 


The smiley icon allows you to insert an emoji inline.

Insert Special Characters

Symbol Icon is the Omega Symbol in the middle of the bottom section of the Editor Ribbon

Manage Anchors

Anchor icon is the Flag, the third icon in the Ninth Section of the Editor Ribbon

Answer Link

The first feature in the older Answer Editor toolbox is the "Insert Answer Link".   This is now located in the last group of the ribbon.  It has the same icon as before.   

Conditional Section

The next feature is also the last section of the Editor ribbon.  It's the second icon and matches the old versions icon also.  


 "SmartMerge" icon is the same as pervious versions and is the third icon in the last section of the Editor ribbon.

Search Knowledgebase

Searching the knowledge base can be identified by locating the "Search Glass",   it is located on the right side of the last section of the Editor ribbon

Notes:  There are no "Field Set" or "Button" functions in the new editor at this time.

Source Mode

Answer editor undo button is grayed out in source mode

Answer Editor Source View no longer highlights HTML syntax

Introduced in 19A, using source mode (select the Source button), the options to search text and find/replace text are available.

 Find  Find string within content
 Replace  Find/Replace string within content
 Select All  Selects all content within the text area

For additional information, refer to the Edit an Answer chapter in online documentation for the version your site is currently running. To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.