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Site-wide Link Checker shows SSL links as broken
Answer ID 10200   |   Last Review Date 11/27/2018

Why does the Site-wide Link Checker show SSL links as broken, but they can be opened in the browser?


Answers, Utilities,
Oracle B2C Service, 18D and later


The Site-wide Link Checker Overview describes how to leverage the site-wide link checker to ensure that there are no broken links in the knowledge base.

If your site uses a custom SSL certificate, the link checker may erroneously show that links are broken. This is because the utility that checks the links doesn't have the custom SSL cert installed. To correct this issue, you will need to install the custom SSL cert as described below:

  1. Click Configuration on the navigation pane. 
  2. Expand Site Configuration, and double-click File Manager. 

    The File Manager displays on the content pane.
  3. Click the Switch To drop-down menu and select Additional Root Certificates. 
  4. Click Browse and select the root certificate file you want to upload. 

    The file should be in DER Encoded Binary X.509 (.cer or .crt) or Base-64 Encoded X.509 (.pem) format.
  5. Click Go to upload the file. 
  6. To delete a root certificate file, click the Delete File icon on the line that contains the file you want to delete. 
    1. Click OK to confirm the deletion. 
After adding custom SSL certs, the link checker may take up to 24 hours to reflect the changes and show working links.