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Incident without Chat Transcript
Answer ID 10145   |   Last Review Date 06/21/2019

Why didn't the chat transcript get saved in an incident when the customer disconnected while waiting in queue?


Chat Profiles
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


The chat transcript will not be saved in an incident thread when a chat session is transferred to another queue, and then the end-user disconnects from the chat while chat is waiting in queue. This can occur with the following sequence of events:

  1. The agent accepts the chat.
  2. The agent and end-user send messages back and forth.
  3. An incident is created automatically or manually by the agent but the transcript is not yet added to an incident thread.
  4. The agent transfers the active chat to a queue.
  5. The end-user disconnects from the chat while waiting in the queue.

In this scenario, the chat transcript does not save to the incident because that only occurs when the agent enters wrap-up mode or when the chat is terminated while the incident is open in the agent's console. If the chat had been accepted by a second agent, the incident would have transferred to the new agent automatically with the complete chat transcript. A chat session has to be properly terminated in the console in order for the chat transcript to be saved to an incident thread. When the end-user disconnects from the chat when the chat is in queue, the transcript will not be added to the incident. In these cases, the chat transcript can be manually added to an incident thread if needed.

For related chat transcript information, refer to Explains when an incident is created during a chat session for more details.