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Chat Widgets and You
Answer ID 10106   |   Last Review Date 11/27/2018

cartoon of author Zak Bryson wearing a wizard's hat


Zak Bryson, Bug Diagnostic Engineer on the OSvC Technical Support team, demystified chat widgets during a recent webinar by demonstrating the functionality of both Customer Portal and syndicated widgets. During his demonstration, he made sure to discuss documentation guaranteed to help with widget implementations. See below for his some of his favorite resources.



If you couldn't make the webinar but want to see what Zak has in his bag of tricks, watch his demonstration and hear his answers to thought provoking questions in the webinar recording.



User Documentation


Knowledgebase Answers
Proactive Chat Widget Cookies
Getting Started with Syndicated Widgets
min_sessions avail vs. wait_threshold attributesĀ 

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