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Who can change the ownership of a document?
Answer ID 10095   |   Last Review Date 03/18/2019

Who can change the ownership of a document?


Knowledge Advanced, All supported versions


Only the console users with the "Modify" permission in the "Select Repository Content Type Privileges" section for a particular console role can change the ownership of a document.

We can change the ownership of a document following these steps:

  1. Open the document.
  2. Click on the "Info" link to expand the "Info" section of the document.
  3. Click on the "Change" link.
  4. Select the new owner from the "Select New Owner" drop-down menu.
  5. Click on the "Save Changes" link for saving the document. 
The list of the users who can be the owner of an item of content is based upon the permissions selected in the console role associated with each user.

In order to be the owner, a user's console role must have the "Modify" permission selected for that specific content type.
In this case, for the problematic users, please check the following:
  1. Open Service > Authoring feature.
  2. Click on Users tab > Console Roles section > List, and select the Console Role of a problematic user.
  3. Scroll down to the "Select Repository Content Type Privileges" section.
  4. Expand the "X" content type and check whether "Modify" option is selected. If it is, the users with this console role can be owners for that content type.  If it is not selected, they cannot be owners for that specific content type.