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What is the role of "User Group Preview" functionality?
Answer ID 10024   |   Last Review Date 03/18/2019

What is the role of "User Group Preview" functionality?


Knowledge Advanced, All supported versions


While authoring the content in Knowledge Advanced we can restrict an attribute content based on the user groups.
We can specify to display the contents of a Content Type schema attribute only to members of selected user groups by selecting the "Restrict attribute to selected user groups" option on the Attribute Properties page.

In order to create and preview the content based on user groups follow these steps:
1. Go to Service > Authoring > Repository > Content Type > List 
2. Click "Schema" for the selected Content Type.
3. Click the selected attribute, and check the "Restrict attribute to selected user groups" option from the "Select Attribute Options" section.
4. Another two checkboxes will be available for checking: "User groups are required for attribute" and "Enable editors to modify preselected user group restrictions". Please check the last two options.
5. Add the necessary groups from "Available User Groups" section under Selected User Groups.
6. Save Attribute Properties.
7. Go to Content tab > Content Type > List and find your document id.
8. Edit the document.
9. On the top right of the attribute changed at step #3 and #4 you'll see the "Select User Groups +" option.
10. Complete the field with necessary content and select the appropriate user groups from "Select User Groups +" option.
11. Save the document.
12. Go to the "User Group Preview" box of the document and play with the selected user groups.
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