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Chat in the Browser UI: Agent Tutorial
Jessica Bradley  |  04/29/2020
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Have you been wondering what the chat agent experience is like in the Browser User Interface? Earlier this month, Chat Product Manager Jessica Bradley recorded a demonstration of the Interaction Workspace in action. This demo includes basics of the Browser UI as well as chat features such as transferring a chat, off the record messages, and SLA response time alerts. You can watch Jessica's demonstration HERE.

Past and future webinars can be found on the OSvC Technical Support Site Webinars page.

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James Baxter
12/14/2020 | 07:45 am
This was very helpful. I liked how SLA's could be applied to the chat so the screen changed color if you hadn't sent a response for x minutes. I can find no documentation on how to set this up. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction?