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  1. Answer: Environment : Oracle B2C Service agent console, all versions Resolution : When launching the Oracle B2C Service console your agents may receive a prompt to enter their proxy credentials with the...
  2. Answer: Environment: Chat, Agent, Business Rules Resolution: When a chat is submitted by an end user it is inserted into the "Default Chat Queue" unless first acted upon by chat rules used to route the chat...
  3. Answer: Environment: Chat Oracle B2C Service Resolution: If you have the syndicated or standard proactive chat widget deployed on your web site, and end users are not seeing the option to chat, even...
  4. Answer: Environment: Oracle Commerce Service Center, August 2013 and newer Resolution: The integration between the Oracle B2C Service Agent Console and ATG Commerce Service Center is available starting...
  5. Answer: Environment: Oracle Service Chat, Agent Console Oracle B2C Service Resolution: After accepting a chat request from a customer, in the chat session workspace, the agents may notice the customer...
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    Agent Browser UI Console Using the Agent Browser User Interface Search Home Getting Started Agent Browser UI Console Last Updated: 02/19/2021
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    Log In to the Agent Console Console Follow this procedure to log in to the Agent Console . Co-browse Overview Admin Console Last Updated: 01/14/2021
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    Log In to the Agent Console Console Follow this procedure to log in to the Agent Console . Standalone Co-browse User Guide Last Updated: 11/18/2020
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    Add Applications to the Service Console or Agent Browser UI seamlessly access applications that reside outside the Oracle cloud from the Service Console or Agent Last Updated: 02/19/2021
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    Console Ribbon Console The Service Console (also called the agent desktop) is where you work with B2C Service Last Updated: 02/19/2021
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