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Language interface created from English interface, some report fields have the name in English
Answer ID 9957   |   Last Review Date 11/19/2018

Why are some report fields in English on an interface created in a language other then English?


Oracle B2C Service, All versions


When creating an Interface in a Language other then English, the standard information on the interface created, such as standard reports, use the language which was set when the interface was created. The standard fields they contain are translated.  However, custom reports are reports which are named as desired and customized (i.e. contain custom fields). These use the names and details from the original interface on which they were created.  

If you want to change the custom fields on a report to the language of the interface you can edit the Label.

In order to have different label names for your English interfaces, you can set up one interface in English (US) language, another in English (UK) and a possible third one in English (AU).

However, for the other supported languages, like Chinese (which has 3 language packs), you will not be able to have different label names for each interface as there is only 1 available language pack per country.

Changing the label of the primary interface will also change the name of the field you are updating (e.g. Profile name, Social Channel name, Customizable Menu name, etc.). If all interfaces are in the same language, changing any of their labels will also change the name of the record in the same way.

Changing the name of the record will also change all default Labels from the interfaces, no matter the language in which they are configured (except the labels which have already been manually updated before changing the name).

When creating a Custom Field, for example, you Type the text prompt for the custom field. This is the prompt that staff and customers will see on the interface.  Each language can have a different label. In interfaces that have the same language as the primary interface, the Label field will always match the Name field for the custom field.

Several features share the same lists across multiple interfaces, but specific items may be enabled or disabled for specific interfaces. In these cases, an administrator can typically edit the overall list from the Management and Configuration console of any interface, but the elements that display in a console or on end-user pages can be enabled for an individual interface or multiple interface, depending on how the visibility is configured.

More information of which elements are shared across multiple interfaces you may find in the following knowledge base article: Answer ID 2001: Service features shared across multiple interfaces.