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*Six* Items Worth Organizing
Answer ID 9930   |   Last Review Date 12/17/2017

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Because tis the season for giving, OSvC Technical Support team members are sharing their favorite tips over the next 12 days — for troubleshooting, maintaining and customizing the Oracle Service Cloud.

Tip #6

"Organize what you can in a meaningful way. That will often mean to alphabetize. This makes maintaining data simpler and, more importantly, can lead to a better user experience for your customers and agents. Here is a list of items to consider:

  • Account Groups
  • Accounts within an Account Group
  • Standard and Custom Fields
  • Custom Object Types
  • Products, Categories and Dispositions
  • Standard Texts (including the folders)" 

— Levi Dyckman, OSvC Site Adminstrator

To hear more tips from Levi, sign up for Ask the Experts: Extending Data into Your Site.


Pictured above is "Thor", known to have an occasional sweet tooth. Original image courtesy of Shane Parsons, Support Manager.


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