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Actions for Customers using Engagement Engine
Answer ID 9847   |   Last Review Date 02/25/2019

What can I do to ensure our Engagement Engine Chat is optimized?


Oracle B2C Service ( B2C Service Chat), Engagement Engine

Do you use B2C Service Chat? If YES, read on. If NO, this does not apply to you.

Do you use the Engagement Engine? If YES, read on. If NO, this does not apply to you.


Did you know?

In the May 2017 release of Oracle B2C Service the Syndicated Chat Widgets were enhanced: 

  • The Syndicated Proactive Chat widget now propagates custom data fields after the widget loads

  • For Single Page Application web design data can be captured across page turns

  • Custom data is more accurate for use in analytics & by agents in chat sessions

  • NOTE: These enhancements only affect Oracle B2C Service Chat customers that also use the Engagement Engine

To ensure your Engagement Engine Chat deployment is optimized, follow the steps listed below.

What should we do?

We strongly suggest that all customers using Oracle B2C Service Chat with the Engagement Engine review any Engagement Engine rules used for data collection and take the following actions:

  1. Ensure there is a "Queue Routing" rule. The data collected by this rule should not be unique to the end-user, instead limit this rule to details required for chat routing like product & category (unless they are defined on the widget)

  2. Ensure the rule that "Displays the Chat Widget" is next in line, whether that is the Syndicated Conditional Chat Link or the Syndicated Proactive Chat invitation

  3. Ensure the final rule is the "Data Collection" rule, which is used to collect any additional data that might be unique to the end-user, like a membership number or an email address

Is there more information?

More information is available in Answer 7154: Popular Business Rules in Engagement Engine under Appendix A. This document provides details and best practices for writing Queue Routing and Data Collection rules.

If you have additional questions, please contact your Implementation Partner. If you did not use a partner for your Engagement Engine deployment then submit a service request via Ask Technical Support.