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Form Submission Failed when submitting a survey response
Answer ID 9833   |   Last Review Date 03/13/2019

Why are we getting a "Form Submission Failed" page when trying to submit a survey response?


Outreach, Feedback
Oracle B2C Service


Submitting a survey response results in an error page with the message:

"Form Submission Failed. The form submission token either did not match or has expired"


To resolve this, confirm the following conditions are true:

1. The configuration setting CP_COOKIES_ENABLED is set to Yes.

Even if the survey does allow anonymous submissions, the application will still record information about the visitor's session in the question_sessions table. This will require cookies to be enabled on the customer portal.

To change configuration settings, please refer to Answer ID 1960: Editing Configuration Settings

2. The survey does not use a template that already has a Web Form in it.

When you add a web form to a template and then apply the template to the survey, you will basically be creating two web forms on the same page.

Please see Answer ID 1479: Customizing the look and logo of a survey for more details on templates used in surveys.

3. Check if the survey session was shorter than the values in configuration settings VISIT_INACTIVITY_TIMEOUT and VISIT_MAX_TIME.

A security check was implemented to validate survey and document form submissions against a valid token issued at the start of the session. As a result, depending on how long a user may spend taking a survey, you may need to adjust the session timeout period for your site to extend the token's validity.

Please see Answer ID 9962: Form submission failed error while taking survey for more details