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Contact email filtered as 'account required'
Answer ID 9805   |   Last Review Date 05/31/2019

Why is an email that has a matching contact record showing a filter type of rejected as an 'account is required'?


Oracle B2C Service, Techmail, Contacts


An email with a corresponding contact record is being filtered. This can be seen when viewing the Incoming Email Filter Details report (Report ID 227). The email has the filter type of Reject as an account is required.


Check that both EGW_AUTO_CONT_CREATE and EGW_AUTO_CONT_CREATE_MA configuration settings are enabled as described in Answer ID 5670: Techmail message filters explained.

Next check that the correct State is enabled for the contact. For example, techmail-M will filter an email for a contact if the Outreach State check box is unchecked.

The following image shows an example of this State:

Contact State options include Service, Outreach and Opportunities. Any or all can be selected.

To avoid emails from being filtered by the techmail-M utility while the EGW_AUTO_CONT_CREATE_MA is enabled (set to 1), existing contacts should have the Outreach State check box checked.

The same would apply to Service contacts.  They will be filtered if the Service state is unchecked.