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Oracle Field Service (OFS) integration with Oracle Service Cloud (OSvC) using Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS)
Answer ID 9790   |   Last Review Date 09/18/2019

How do I configure Oracle Field Service to integrate with Oracle Service Cloud using Oracle Integration Cloud Service?


Minimum requirements are:
- Oracle Field Service (OFS) instance, version 17.2
- Oracle Service Cloud instance (OSvC), version 16.8
- Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) instance


I don't know how to integrate OFS with OSvC, using the Oracle Integration Cloud Service.


The document attached below outlines the implementation and configuration steps required to integrate Oracle Field Service with Oracle Service Cloud. The integration is designed to support customers who wish to take advantage of the latest capabilities of the Oracle Field Service and leverage their existing investment in Oracle Service Cloud. In the integration, activities and resources from Oracle Field Service can be synchronized with incidents in Oracle Service Cloud. This integration uses Oracle’s Integration Cloud Service as the backbone for mapping and information exchange.

It is assumed that the implementer is familiar with Oracle Field Service, Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Integration Cloud Service.

This integration document is designed to be used as a template and is not supported by Oracle as a licensed product. It is a starting point that shows how Oracle Field Service and Oracle Service Cloud can be connected using Oracle Integration Cloud Service.