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Determining why some emails are not being blocked by the spam filter
Answer ID 9780   |   Last Review Date 06/11/2022

Why isn't the spam filter blocking email addresses that are listed on the blocklist?


Incoming Email, Spam Filtering, SMTP forward
Oracle B2C Service


I have added many email addresses to the spam blocklist, but emails are still coming through to Oracle B2C Service.


The most common reasons for which blocked emails would reach your Oracle B2C Service site are related to: 

  • How your SMTP forwarding was configured to redirect emails to the hosted mailbox:

When setting up SMTP forwarding on your external mail server to redirect emails into a hosted mailbox, it is important to specify the full email address which includes the POD your site is hosted on, like

  • The email address specified in the Reply-To field of the mailboxes table:

Make sure you specify the full email address ( Or, if you want to use your company's domain name, then your IT group should configure an SMTP forwarding mail account to redirect emails from "" to "".


When emails are sent to the full address of the hosted mailbox (e.g., the emails are processed though the spam filter hosted in the PH pod. If the full address is not used (e.g., email will be processed through the FT pod and use the FT pod spam filter. Depending on your email setup, the spam filter that processed the email may not have been configured. 

By default, when you log in to the Spam Management Tool using the steps in the following answer, you are logging in to the pod where your site is hosted. 

Answer ID 11713: Managing Spam Messages

*Note: It is advised that you use the full address of the mailbox instead of an address like

For information regarding SMTP forwarding set-up, please visit the following Answer:

Answer ID 1272: How can we have our company's domain name in the "Sent" email address instead of the ""?