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'Load More' link not visible when we search for a term in BUI menu field
Answer ID 9779   |   Last Review Date 01/16/2019

Why is the 'Load More' link displayed only after we delete the search term of a menu listing?


Browser User Interface (BUI)
Menus listing a large number of items


We are trying to search for a category, but only a partial list is displayed when we enter a search term.  We do not see the 'Load More' link until after we delete the search term.


This is the expected behavior within BUI because 100 items is the threshold at which the 'Load More' item will appear (if the menu has more than that number of results).
This applies to the number of results that are coming back from your search. If there is search input entered, then “Load More” will only show if there are more than 100 items that match your search input.

“Load More” is visible beneath each expanded item if there are more than 100 children.  It’s also visible within any set of children that was partially loaded. A set of children can be partially loaded for two possible reasons:

1) The children were not among the first 100 items loaded but do contain the currently selected item (for a previously saved item). In this case only the selected item is visible and “Load More” will load the other sibling children for that parent.

2) Upon initial load, the 100th item brought back was part way through a set of children.