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Severity Levels when submitting a question
Answer ID 971   |   Last Review Date 12/10/2021

When submitting a question, what are the levels for the Severity field?


Submitting a service request to Oracle B2C Service Technical Support


When service requests (SR) are submitted to Oracle B2C Service Technical Support, you should assign the correct severity level according to impact on your organization's business as a whole. Use the following definitions to assess the actual production site impact of the situation and provide the appropriate severity level when logging a service request with Oracle B2C Service Technical Support. A support representative or manager will confirm that the correct severity level has been assigned based on the information in the SR and details we gather from you on the phone.  Be sure to include your phone number for severity 1 and 2 issues so that we can contact you. You can also update your contact preferences here. If we cannot contact you the severity of the ticket may be lowered.

 Complete Loss of Service (formerly Level 1 - Site Down):
The customer's production use of the programs is completely stopped or so severely impacted that the organization cannot reasonably continue work.

Note: It is important when submitting a Site Down that your production site is completely down and that this is not a means of escalating an incident to be addressed more quickly.

 Severe Loss of Service (formerly Level 2 - Major Functionality Impairment):
Important program features are unavailable with no acceptable workaround. The customer's implementation or production use of the programs is continuing; however, there is a serious impact on the customer's productivity and/or service levels.

 Minor Loss of Service (formerly Level 3 - Some Business Impact):
Important program features are unavailable, but a workaround is available, or less significant program features are unavailable with no reasonable workaround. The customer's work, regardless of the environment or product usage, has a minor loss of operational functionality or implementation resources.

  No Loss of Service (formerly Level 4 - No Business Impact):
The customer requests information, an enhancement, or documentation clarification regarding the programs, but there is no impact on the operation of the programs. The customer's implementation or production use of the programs is continuing and there is no work being impeded at the time.