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Deleting custom field values through Connect Web Services for SOAP API
Answer ID 9644   |   Last Review Date 03/12/2019

How do I delete the value of a custom field (or set it to a null value) through Connect Web Services for SOAP API?


All supported versions of Oracle B2C Service and Connect Web Services (CWS) for SOAP API


You might be tempted to try to delete the custom field value by setting it to a null value just like you would set it to any other value. Note that the Connect Web Services for SOAP API has a special procedure for nulling a custom field value.

The following is correct:

     < ns4:CustomFields dataType="STRING" name="c$con_txt">
          < ns2:DataValue xmlns:ns2="" xsi:nil="1" />
     < /ns4:CustomFields>

The following syntax is not correct:

     < ns4:CustomFields dataType="STRING" name="c$con_txt">
       < DataValue>
          < StringValue></StringValue>
       < /DataValue>
     < /ns4:CustomFields>

For more information please consult the SOAP API documentation:
Answer ID 5169: Technical Documentation and Sample Code

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