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Latin America Characters not importing with Data Wizard
Answer ID 9597   |   Last Review Date 07/18/2022

While attempting to import some data, the process fails with the error about non-XML characters. How do I fix this?


Data Import Wizard
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


We may have created import files in Microsoft Excel, however, they are not showing the correct symbols for accents or similar. An error occurs:

String contains non-XML character(s)


There are two things to check here. First would be the file encoding used when creating your import file. To do this in Microsoft Excel, navigate to File > Options > Advanced > Web Options (bottom of scroll bar) > Encoding > Save this document as: "(Select the same file encoding as in the Data Import Wizard")". If you are using Notepad++ then this is found in the ribbon > Encoding or along the bottom in the footer as well. This will help you in determining which encoding is appropriate on the second page of the Data Import Wizard where you select such things as File Encoding, Data Import Template, Column Mappings and Duplicate Criteria.

Make sure the "file encoding" in the Data Import Wizard matches your excel file. 

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If, after aligning these encodings between your input file and the Data Import Wizard selection, you are still experiencing issues within the Preview Data pane at the bottom of page 2, please submit a service request via Ask Technical Support so that Oracle B2C Service Technical Support can further research your issue.

When submitting an Ask Technical Support request, please include all necessary data as specified in Answer ID 9593: Troubleshooting Data Import, what's required.