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Troubleshooting Data Import, what's required
Answer ID 9593   |   Last Review Date 03/18/2019

What items do you require to troubleshoot the Data Import Wizard?


Data Import Wizard
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


We are receiving an issue when we are using the Data Import Wizard. What data would Oracle need to troubleshoot this?


For an Oracle B2C Service Technical Support agent to effectively troubleshoot an issue with the Data Import Wizard we need the following data from you, the customer:

1. The file used during the import that experienced issues

2. Full page uncropped screen shots of each of the pages of the Data Import (there should be 4 pages)

3. On page one you can select the following fields:

  • Data Record Type
  • Data File
  • Delimiter
  • Header Location
  • Import Header File
  • Staging Directory
  • Duplicate Records
  • Run Campaign
  • Insert Into Contact List
  • Stop Import On Error (checkbox)
  • Run External Events/CPMs (checkbox)
  • Run Workflow Rules (checkbox)

4. On page two you can select the following fields:

  • File Encoding
  • Select Template (Data Import Template)
  • Name
  • Column Mappings (Column in File, Field, Ignore on Update, Default Value)
  • Notes (Column in File, Field, Ignore on Update, Default Value)
  • Duplicate Criteria - Use Default (checkbox) or define your own based on input file
  • Preview Data

5. Page three has the preview of your data:

  • If Bad Records are found in the Pre-Scan, then Ignore Errors. Continue Importing good records. (checkbox)
  • See Data Import Wizard error messages for more information on specific errors

6. On page four, this is the actual import of your records

The reason screen shots are helpful here is it helps us to determine any factors that may not have been conveyed during your opening of the Ask Technical Support request.

For additional information, refer to the Data Import Overview section in the Online Help User Guide documentation for the version your site is currently running.