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"Too Few Fields" error when using the Data Import Wizard
Answer ID 9586   |   Last Review Date 03/18/2019

Can you explain what the error means and how to correct it?


Data Import Wizard, Data Import Templates
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


We had previously set up some Data Import Templates to use for recurring imports that happen weekly, however with our new file, when we use it we get a warning on the Pre-scan screen.


A lot of organizations who do regular imports will create what is known as a Data Import Template. It's a single click, and allows you to map the fields of your input file. When the structure of an import file does not match the template, this can throw an error.

As an example, let's say several columns that are normally imported, are removed because no update is needed at this time.  When used for importing with the template, the mapping will no longer match that of the template and will result in the 'too few fields' error on the Pre-scan page. This is simply telling you that your .csv/.txt file that you are using for import does not include enough fields to use that Import Template.

There is an easy fix for this, you can either map them manually or create a copy of the Template you would normally use and edit it for your current import.

Please see the below screen shot for an example of what this may look like:


For Instructions on how to create a Data Import Template, please see the subsection within Answer ID 4191: What is the Data Import feature? or alternatively see Add or edit a data import template.