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Expectations from Oracle B2C Service with Single Sign On implementation and diagnostic assistance
Answer ID 9583   |   Last Review Date 01/10/2020

What are the expectations from Technical Support with Single Sign On implementations and diagnostic assistance?


Oracle B2C Service, All versions


Single Sign On issues are handled by different Oracle groups, depending on the type of assistance needed. If you believe there is a product bug found during the implementation phase, Technical Support will investigate for a defect. If you should need assistance implementing, testing, or maintaining Single Sign On, Oracle Consulting should be engaged.

If a service request is submitted to Technical Support that is not a product defect, the service will be referred to Oracle Consulting for further assistance.

For information on scheduling an engagement with Oracle Consulting refer to Answer ID 1731: Oracle Consulting Options.

For further information on the services Technical Support provides refer to Contacting Oracle B2C Service Technical Support Services.

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