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Embed a Policy Automation interview in another application
Answer ID 9582   |   Last Review Date 05/22/2017

Can a Policy Automation interview be embedded in another application without using an iFrame?


Oracle Policy Automation (May 2017 release)


This feature, embedding an iframe-less interview in another application, is only available in Latest version interviews. For August 2016 version interviews you can only embed an interview into a web page using an inline frame. For more information, see Launch an interview from a URL.

Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) interviews can be embedded within other applications, without the need for inline frames, by using the provided script and stylesheets. The interview can inherit styles from the parent page, if necessary, in order to comply with corporate branding requirements. More than one OPA interview can be shown on the same web page each with independent styling.

To embed an OPA interview on a web page see: Embed an interview in another application

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