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What does the 'OE_WEB_SERVER not set' error message mean?
Answer ID 9447   |   Last Review Date 01/08/2019

What does the 'OE_WEB_SERVER not set' error message mean?


All supported versions


Agents encounter the 'OE_WEB_SERVER not set' error when first logging in.


This issue can occur if the local cache file becomes corrupted on the workstation, and can normally be corrected by removing the RightNow_Technologies folder on the affected workstation, using the following path:

C:\Users\**your username**\AppData\Roaming\RightNow_Technologies

OE_WEB_SERVER is a config verb in Oracle B2C Service. Having this value not set at the site level is a separate issue, and a service request should be submitted in this case. The above steps should only be used to mitigate the issue on a small number of affected workstations.

Note: If you use a custom UFL (user files location), the location of the above folder will be in a unique directory, as defined by your site administrator. These are configured at the account profile level.