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The OkcsKnowledgeSyndication widget does not return answers based on the content_type filters
Answer ID 9394   |   Last Review Date 12/30/2018

Why is the OkcsKnowledgeSyndication widget not displaying answers based on the content_type filters I have set?


Oracle Knowledge Advanced Cloud Service (OKCS) - all releases

Oracle Cloud Service - all releases


The OkcsKnowledgeSyndication widget can be used with several attributes, for a higher level of customization, among which: content_type attribute (used to filter the answers list based on content types) and number_answers attribute (which limits the number of displayed answers to a maximum of 10).

Moreover, the OkcsKnowledgeSyndication widget will only display answers that are publicly visible to all end-users (just like any other Knowledge syndicated widget) i.e. it will not display answers that are restricted to specific user groups or specific views.

Consequently, the answers listed within the OkcsKnowledgeSyndication widget will be displayed based on the following criteria, in the following order:

1.  visibility to all end-users (no restrictions on user groups or specific views)

2.  number of answers allowed (the maximum allowed is 10)

3.  content types filters

These are the three criteria that have to be taken into account when using the OkcsKnowledgeSyndication widget.