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Maximum limit for custom object indexes on Incidents table
Answer ID 9305   |   Last Review Date 07/13/2019

What is the maximum limit for custom object indexes on Incidents table? 


Custom Objects, Custom (Object) Fields


When trying to save a new custom object/system attribute in Incidents table, I'm getting an error similar to:

Validation error. OracleServiceCloud.Incident: The system class Incident contains more indexes than allowed (25). The menu fields are always indexed. Adjust the number of menu fields or the number of other indexed fields.


A combined maximum of 500 system attributes and custom fields can be created for each standard object. That is, if you have 100 incident custom fields, you could create 400 system attributes for the incident object. In addition, each standard object can have a maximum of 25* system attributes and custom fields that are indexed (combined total). Only nine indexes of this pool total can be alotted to custom fields so once this is reached the index box will be greyed out in the custom field editor.

The purpose of an index is to speed up record searches and improve the performance when searching by the indexed field. You should be aware that there are also drawbacks regarding this situation. Specifying too many indexes on a specific table can degrade search performance rather than improve it. In general, it is best to have fewer than 15 total fields indexed in any given table.

*Note: as of the 19D release of Oracle B2C Service, the maximum number has been reduced to 23.

See also Answer ID 4544: Unable to deploy Custom Object

For more information regarding this aspect, please refer to our online documentation Create a system attribute.  To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.

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