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Oracle Field Service Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Process
Answer ID 9284   |   Last Review Date 06/06/2022

What is the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) process for OFS?


All versions of Oracle Field Service (OFS)


I don't know what the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) process is.


Root Cause Analysis (RCA) are official documents shared proactively with Oracle Cloud customers that contain information from root cause analysis on specific service outages or performance degradation. RCA's provide detailed information fulfilling an organization's requirements to understand the causes of the problem and the corrective actions to prevent recurrence.


IT infrastructure is redefined by cloud computing. Information about the service degradation or outage is highly crucial in a cloud environment. Effective and timely communication of these events in production environments where the services are actually available to end users is critical for business continuity.

Oracle understands the importance of these notifications and provides RCA reports to ensure that the necessary information is presented on time to address customer inquiries. RCA's provide relevant and detailed information about the production events that may cause service outage or performance degradation. Oracle Cloud customers benefit from RCA notifications to understand the impact of these production events on their businesses, the initial cause of the event, and the corrective actions taken to prevent recurrence.

Types of Root Cause Analysis'

Oracle Cloud serves two different RCA notifications to the affected customers: Preliminary RCA and Detailed RCA. Preliminary RCA is typically created soon after the event is closed and contains information on initial findings and event timeline. Detailed RCA is typically created days after the event is closed and Oracle performs complete technical investigation of the event. Detailed RCA contains greater detail including the root cause analysis (RCA) and corrective actions.

Preliminary RCA

  • Brief event narrative
  • Type of event (unplanned, performance degradation, or other)
  • Event timeline including impact start and service restored time
  • Services impacted
  • Affected applications and systems

Detailed RCA

  • Detailed event narrative
  • Type of event (unplanned, performance degradation, or other)
  • Event timeline including impact start and service restored time
  • Services impacted
  • Affected applications and systems
  • Root cause analysis (RCA)
  • Impacted and involved parties
  • Corrective actions and corrective actions timeline

Event Types and Qualification Criteria

Oracle Cloud provides RCA notifications on Oracle Cloud Services only in production environments for the following types of events:


Unplanned outages

  • Impact in the Oracle Cloud production environment, lasting more than 15 minutes
  • Issue that prevents Oracle Cloud Ops from fulfilling customer SLA requirements
  • Third-party system outages, such as load balancer issues, which last more than 15 minutes Note: This does not include third party products outside Oracle Cloud. 

Performance degradation

  • Short-lived, but recurring or persistent issues
  • Service performance degradation that lasts more than 15 minutes


  • Maintenance windows that last longer than the projected duration
  • Partial service failure events that last more than 15 minutes



Unplanned outages

Impact to cloud production only environment(s) or service(s) where not available or not accessible for longer than 1 hour


Note: If your situation qualifies for a detailed RCA as described above, you will automatically receive it in e-mail without any actions needed from your side.

You can still request a Detailed RCA via SR (Service Request) at even if your events only meet the entitlement criteria outlined for the Preliminary RCA. In this case you will receive the Detailed RCA in the Service Request you created it just will not automatically be emailed to you.


The following events typically do not qualify for the RCA:

  • Restart operations requested by the customer
  • Issues concerning unsupported versions of a Cloud service
  • Issues with documented fixes on newer versions
  • Outages caused by a customer  


Services Covered

Note that RCA notifications are not available for the third-party products that are outside of Oracle Cloud. Furthermore, only production environments are eligible for RCA notifications. Staging, testing, internal and training environments are NOT eligible for this process.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: If I qualify for a Detailed RCA, does that mean I will only get that and not a Preliminary RCA?

A: If your situation qualifies for a Detailed RCA, it by nature also qualifies you for a Preliminary RCA. So in cases which qualify for a Detailed RCA you will get both a Preliminary and Detailed RCA emailed to you automatically.


Q: How will the RCA be delivered to me?

A: All OFS customers have a distribution list in which they receive notification emails from Oracle for information like maintenance, upcoming upgrade reminders, and service disruptions. Your RCA will be delivered to that exact same email distribution, and like all of the other emails from Oracle it will come from the email address.


Q: Can I keep my SR open until I receive the RCA?

A: Since the issue is resolved and the environment is not currently impacted, the Service Request will be set to 'Closed'. Once available, the RCA will be sent by email to the contacts we have in the distribution list.


Q: How can I change the distribution list to add or remove email addresses that receive this RCA?

A: The administrator(s) of your Cloud Portal account controls the Service Notification lists. If you need changes to this please contact them directly. More information around managing contacts for Service Notifications can be found at Managing Contacts for Service Notifications.


Q: Even after receiving the detailed RCA I do not feel like I have enough information or the correct information to feel comfortable with the event.

A: If you are ever unsatisfied with the contents of your detailed RCA, please open a ticket with the OFS Support team (Submit a Service Request) who can provide you with additional information and next steps.


Q: How long does it take for RCA's to be delivered to me?

A: Preliminary RCA's typically should be delivered to you within 24 hours after the event is closed. If a detailed RCA is requested, they are typically delivered within 10 days after the event is closed. These are timing estimates and not guaranteed SLA's for RCA delivery.


Q: I believe that I qualified for a RCA but I did not receive a Preliminary RCA automatically. What do I do?

A: Create a service request with the OFS Support team at or contact your Sales Account Manager for assistance.


Q: I have additional questions or concerns with this process. Where do I go?

A: Create a service request with the OFS Support team at or contact your Sales Account Manager for assistance.