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Multiple consecutive Cobrowse sessions from the same chat
Answer ID 9270   |   Last Review Date 12/24/2018

Can we launch multiple consecutive Cobrowse sessions during an active chat?


Integrated Cobrowse


During an active chat, the agent can initiate a Cobrowse session. After the first session is disconnected, the agent has the possibility to send another screen sharing invitation, however, this new session will connect only after the end-user manually disconnects the first session or waits for approximately 2.5 minutes. For additional information with regards to this behavior please see Answer ID 5906 : End-user Cobrowse session remains when agent disconnects .

In addition, after disconnecting an advanced Cobrowse session (ACB), the screen sharing button will be again available in the chat workspace. In order to establish connection successfully again, the cobrowse session needs to be disconnected from the end user page and the end user page to be refreshed.